Democrats Now Threatening The Supreme Court In Big Way- They Have Lost Their Minds


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The party of tyranny: Democrats THREATEN Supreme Court with ‘reorganization’ if justices don’t rule in favor of gun control

By JonDougherty

In what many rightfully see as an outrageous threat by one branch of government against another, several Democratic senators filed a brief with the Supreme Court warning that a “reorganization” of the nation’s highest Judicial Branch office was in the offing if justices did not “heal themselves” and rule in favor of gun control.

Led by Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), the brief, filed in response to a New York City gun control law, claimed that the high court has become too partisan and as a result has produced politically-motivated rulings, thus damaging the public’s trust in SCOTUS.

He went onto warn that Congress could someday make changes to the court — load it with liberals, in other words — should justices rule the ‘wrong way’ in the case.

“The Supreme Court is not well. And the people know it,” he argued in his brief. “Perhaps the court can heal itself before the public demands it be ‘restructured in order to reduce the influence of politics.’ Particularly on the urgent issue of gun control, a nation desperately needs it to heal.”

He went onto complain that too many gun rights groups had filed amicus briefs with the high court in an attempt to influence the decision, which involves a New York City law “that set up two types of licenses for handgun possession: one that allowed carry outside the home, and the other that only authorized possession at a home or business,” the Washington Times reported.

Meanwhile, NYC had an ordinance that prevented residents with a home-only license from transporting their guns to second homes or to shooting ranges outside the Big Apple.

The city had an ordinance that prevented those with the home-only license from transporting their weapons to second homes or shooting ranges outside the city.

Gun rights groups filed legal challenges to the ordinance, but lower federal courts sided with the city. However, fearing that it might lose at the Supreme Court, NYC hastened to undo the ordinance.

But Sheldon and a host of Democrats who signed onto his brief are fearful that a majority of justices will rule that the Second Amendment means what it says — the government cannot “infringe” upon the right to “keep and bear arms.”

“Out in the real world, Americans are murdered each day with firearms in classrooms or movie theaters or churches or city streets, and a generation of preschoolers is being trained in active-shooter survival drills,” he wrote.

“In the cloistered confines of this court, and notwithstanding the public imperatives of these massacres, the NRA and its allies brashly presume, in word and deed, that they have a friendly audience for their ‘project,’” he continued.

He then cited, without context, a recent Quinnipiac poll which stated that 55 percent of Americans believe the high court has become “too political” in further making his case that in a near future, Democrats could “pack” the court with as many as 15 justices, which of course would be done in an obvious effort to politicize the court with Left-wing ideologues who would rule, in perpetuity, for Democrat-supported policies.

Without question, Whitehouse — who doesn’t even represent the state of New York — issued a warning to the Supreme Court that it had better rule the way he and other Democrats want on gun control or face “restructuring.”

If you ever wondered what tyranny looks like, Sheldon Whitehouse just showed you.

As for the Democrat Left, do you remember their outrage when President Donald Trump, in the past, criticized federal court rulings and federal judges? What an unprecedented attack on an independent branch of government (!) is how CNN spun it.

Or how about when President Obama singled out the Supreme Court for criticism during a State of the Union address when he chastised justices over the high court’s Citizens United ruling — a rebuke that earned him a response from Justice Samuel Alito, who shook his head “no.”

No outrage then from Democrats, was there? Nothing political about that, right?

The Democrat Party has gone off the rails before, but today it is nothing more than a device, a tool, an enabler for authoritarianism — precisely the kind that our founding fathers fought against.

And of course, the party is assisted hand-in-glove by an establishment media that no longer serves the American people’s “right to know” but rather acts as the Democrats’ propaganda wing.

Our choice in 2020 and beyond is about as stark as it gets: Either we continue to vote for politicians and presidents who embrace our culture, embrace our founding principles of freedom and liberty, embrace free and open markets, a strong defense, and law and order — or we hand control to dictators-in-waiting for them to use the power of government to quash our liberties one at a time, and then ‘fundamentally transform’ our system into something that resembles the former Soviet Union.

If you doubt that, think long and hard about Whitehouse’s SCOTUS threat and what other Democrats have signed onto.

This article originally appeared at National Sentinel and was republished with permission.

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Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

God Bless.

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