Pocahontas Makes Unreal Demand That Would Devastate One Of America’s Largest Companies


Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) called on retailers like Walmart to “stop selling guns,” arguing that they have a responsibility to their communities and are shirking their duties by putting profits over “safety,” Breitbart reports.

Warren, who changed her Twitter profile picture to an orange image reading, “End Gun Violence” tweeted on Friday that companies need to “do the right thing” and “stop selling guns.”

She wrote:

Sometimes, companies recognize that they have an obligation to the lives, health, and safety of their communities. In 2014, for example, CVS voluntarily stopped selling tobacco products. Cigarette sales went down, and more smokers tried to quit. That’s progress.

Companies that sell guns have a responsibility to the safety of their communities. @Walmart is one of the largest gun retailers in the world. The weapons they sell are killing their own customers and employees. No profit is worth those lives. Do the right thing—stop selling guns.

They have created a website to force Walmart’s nationwide to cave and remove all firearms and ammunition from their stores, this is from the front page of their website:

Walmart is the largest retailer in America and one of the largest gun retailers in the world. That means they have tremendous political sway and we need them to join the fight in building safer communities with fewer guns.

While Walmart made progress in 2015 and 2018, there is much more they must do. We demand they take the following actions immediately:

  • Stop selling firearms in a country where they’re already incredibly easy to get
  • Pledge they’ll no longer make political contributions to lawmakers who get their money from the NRA
  • Pledge that they’ll use their political influence to advocate for legislative changes to raise the standard of gun production and ownership in America
  • Invest in the communities they serve and fund gun buybacks in key areas around the country

So there you have it. Warren is ‘targeting’ Walmart- pun intended.

What an idiot.

Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.

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God Bless.

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