LMAO: Disgraced Former Lawman & Accused Criminal Who Trump Had Fired 24 Hours Before Retirement, McCabe Sues To Force You To Pay His Healthcare & Pension


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Kirsters The Baish’s Opinion & Speculation – | 23-year veteran of the FBI and former acting director of the bureau Andrew McCabe reportedly filed a lawsuit against the Justice Department and the FBI on Thursday, insisting that American taxpayers pay for his pension and healthcare that he didn’t receive when he was terminated just 24 hours before he was to retire.

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Fox Business reports:

Andrew McCabe – whom an inspector general found had improperly leaked information to a reporter and lied about it to his boss, then-FBI Director James Comey – is blaming President Trump for his firing, according to the lawsuit.

McCabe claims he was illegally fired as part of a plot by President Trump to rid the bureau and the DOJ of employees who were not politically loyal to him.

According to the suit, McCabe lost out on “significant” retirement benefits in addition to his “reputation and political standing” being tarnished. The former FBI acting director stated that tweets from President Trump prove that his firing was illegal.

Fox Business explains that “Forbes reports he initially lost his eligibility to a “special top-up in benefit formula” from the firing, as he lost his eligibility to take benefits at age 50 instead of between the ages of 57 and 62. Reports he lost his entire pension over the firing were not true.”

It was reported by the Washington Post that Democratic Wisconsin Representative Mark Pocan offered McCabe a job so “he could reach the length needed of public law enforcement service to retire,” according to Fox Business. “His attorneys are asking he be retroactively reinstated so he can be paid his full ‘law enforcement pension, healthcare insurance and other retirement benefits.’”

McCabe is also hoping to have his personnel file expunged in an “unconstitutional” demotion/termination.

Fox Business reports:

The lawsuit comes two days after former FBI agent Peter Strzok filed one, claiming the bureau caved to “unrelenting pressure” from the president to fire him.

Strzok wrote anti-Trump text messages, often with his then-lover fellow FBI agent Lisa Page, whilst investigating alleged Russian ties to President Trump’s 2016 campaign.

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