Anti-Trump Actress Under Fire For Disgusting Thing She Just Did That Everyone Now Knows About

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Anti-Trump actress Debra Messing taking heat for endorsing deranged tweet aimed at McConnell

By JonDougherty

Leftist actress Debra Messing, well known for her social media tirades against President Donald Trump and Republicans, is taking new heat for endorsing a horrific tweet aimed at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.).

Messing, mostly known for her starring role in the NBC sitcom “Will & Grace,” shared a tweet with her followers that stated, “if I get killed in a mass shooting please cremate me and throw my ashes into Mitch McConnell’s and Dana Loesch’s eyes while I’m still smoldering.”

“THIS. Yesssssssssss,” Messing tweeted in reply.

Several responses to the tweet on Messing’s account were extremely critical of her and the original user who posted the graphic description.

But other users were more reflective and tried to engage Messing.

“Debra — people from all political leanings consume your shows and enjoy you and them,” wrote talk show host Joe Pagliarulo.

“Why would you take a deep dive into the disgusting by reacting like this to a horrific tweet? Take a breath. Get out of the Hollywood mindset for a second and be a person. Thanks.”

“If you’re cheering on pettiness like this, you aren’t mature enough to be part of the conversation,” added Daily Wire reporter Molly Prince.

Democrats and their supporters have blamed POTUS Trump for the most recent mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio.

McConnell, who fell in recent days and broke his shoulder, has also been on the receiving end of Leftist ire. Several protesters showed up outside his home in Kentucky earlier this week following the shootings, with one saying he wanted the majority leader “stabbed in the heart.”

In both instances, the alleged shooters had an animus towards Trump and Republicans or stated that the president’s rhetoric did not inspire them to commit their crime.

As of this writing, Messing had yet to apologize or delete the tweet. In fact, as The Daily Wire reported, she defended it during actress Alyssa Milano’s “Sorry Not Sorry” podcast earlier this week.

“This is my statement about whether impeachment is the appropriate road to take against the sitting president,” Messing said.

“It was given before the devastating and preventable four mass shootings in the last 24 hours. I should have included the blocking of background checks as another dereliction,” she noted.

“Please don’t bother wishing me death or attack me. This is my account, it’s my opinion, if you don’t like to hear it, don’t follow me.”

So classy.

Liberals are complete scum.

This article originally appeared at The National Sentinel and was republished with permission.

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God Bless.

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