ALERT: People Are Suddenly Dropping Dead After Deadly Drug Sweeps Through California


Posted by Dean James at Right Wing Tribune


Beware of Counterfeit Drug M-30

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department is investigating four deaths in connection with a counterfeit drug.

In the last 24 hours, Sheriff’s Narcotics and Gang Division responded to four overdose deaths in Lakeside,
Poway, Santee and Valley Center.

The illicit pills are known as M-30s.

They are a very common counterfeit oxycodone. These painkillers are
known to contain fentanyl.

Fentanyl is frequently involved in overdose deaths because a speck the size of a
grain of salt or just one touch can kill you.

M-30s can be taken orally or crushed for smoking.

Sheriff’s Detectives are working with first responders in the region to see if they have received similar
overdose calls in the last 24 hours.

Any pill purchased without a prescription should be considered unsafe for consumption.

Call your doctor or take your unused and unwanted medication to any Sheriff’s Prescription Drug Drop Box location in the county.

For more information, visit

Anyone with information regarding this illegal drug operation is urged to call the anonymous Crime Stoppers
tip line at (888) 580-8477 or the Sheriff’s Department at (858) 565-5200.

If you or someone you know is struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, call the County Crisis Hotline at
(888) 724-7240.

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Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

God Bless.

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