Leaked: Nancy Pelosi’s Memo to House Democrats on Mueller Testimony Leaks, Talking Points Revealed


Posted by Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

By at Illicit Info

Baish’s Opinion| Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California reportedly “released a six-page report to all House Democrats on Tuesday in preparation for the testimony on Wednesday of Special Counsel Robert Mueller in front of the House Judiciary Committee,” according to the Gateway Pundit.

Journalist Samantha Jo Roth sent out a tweet of the report this Tuesday.

The House Speaker’s comments point blame at Russia insisting, “The Russian Government attacked the US elections and Trump and his campaign welcomed and sought Russia’s help to win.”

According to TGP, “Pelosi also accuses Russia of using ‘information warfare’ to sow discord in the 2016 election. Russia spent around $70,000 on Facebook ads that did not change one vote in 206.”

To give you a frame of reference, my friends and I, spent nearly a million dollars between us and we are nobods, just some guys and gals with opinions we want to share.  I can assure you that even $500,000 in FB ads would not have changed the result of the election one iota.

Take a look:

Since taking over the House of Representatives, the Democrats haven’t done anything productive or helpful for American citizens. However they seem to have plenty of time to circulate this ridiculous document amongst their Congressional contingent.  How truly … Sad.

Do you think that the Dems will ever “get” Trump , or with “The Donald” keep outsmarting them for the next 5 years?


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Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

God Bless.

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