Obama’s DHS Chief Just Made Explosive Announcement About Border Detention Centers- Barry FUMING

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Obama’s DHS secretary: Cages, or whatever you call them, weren’t put in place by POTUS Trump

By JonDougherty

Former Obama DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson has been one of the few straight shooters from the previous administration when it comes to discussing the ongoing migrant crisis along the U.S.-Mexico border.

In an interview on Monday at the Aspen Institute, Johnson flatly refuted the notion that “cages” — or whatever — that are being used to detain migrants at detention facilities were not initially put in place by the Trump administration.

“Chain link barriers, partitions, fences, cages, whatever you want to call them, were not invented on January 20, 2017, okay?” he said, a reference to POTUS Donald Trump’s inauguration.

During the interview, Johnson was also asked about a 2014 photo featuring him touring a detention facility in Arizona, when the unaccompanied minor crisis really began. But most of the “mainstream” media only really began paying attention to the issue recently — as a way to hammer the Trump administration.

“The photograph you’re referring to was a facility in Arizona. I recognize the photo because [then-GOP] Governor [Jan] Brewer was with me and it was during the spike,” Johnson began.

“We had a lot of unaccompanied kids, we had a lot of family units and under the law once they’re apprehended by the Border Patrol, within 72-hours we have to transfer unaccompanied children to HHS and HHS then puts them in a shelter and find placement for them somewhere in the United States,” Johnson continued.

“But during that 72 hour period, when you have something that is a multiple, like four times of what you’re accustomed to in the existing infrastructure, you’ve got to find places quickly to put kids. You can’t just dump seven-year-old kids on the streets of McAllen or El Paso,” he said.

“And so these facilities were erected and that one I think was a large warehouse and they put those chain-link partitions up so you could segregate young women from young men, kids from adults until they were either released or transferred to HHS.”

Nothing demonstrates the utter hypocrisy and bias of the mainstream media over the immigration/border security issue than this.

The Trump administration is merely continuing Obama-era policy, including using some of the same facilities that the previous DHS chief authorized.

At least Johnson is being honest about it.


This article originally appeared at The National Sentinel and was republished with permission.

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