Brennan & Comey Join Forces To Try And Take Trump Down At The Very Moment He Is Representing Us At The G20

Posted by Dean James at Right Wing Tribune




Baish’s Opinion| Disgraced Obama-era FBI Director James Comey joined forces with his former cohort ex-CIA Chief John Brennan to launch a Twitter attack on President Donald Trump while he spent time in Japan, meeting with foreign leaders at the annual G20 Summit.

It’s a little hard for us to believe that James Comey and John Brennan, with their obvious anti-Trump bias, didn’t target the President with their ridiculous investigations.

“President Trump traveled to Osaka, Japan last week where he met with President Xi of China, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Russian President Vladimir Putin among other foreign leaders.”

Then, the President made his way to South Korea. There, he had a meeting with President Moon, taking the time to also shake hands with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un while at the DMZ.

“Comey and Brennan, who were a part of a failed coup to remove Trump from the White House, just couldn’t help themselves and attacked the President while he was in Japan meeting with foreign leaders. Ex-CIA Chief John Brennan trolled President Trump on Friday night by praising Megan Rapinoe, the America-hating soccer star and anthem kneeler who said she’s not going to the f*cking White House,” reports TGP.

“It is wonderful as well as inspirational to see that our country, once again, has someone of such great talent, grit, & integrity representing our country on the world stage. Congratulations & thank you…..Megan Rapinoe!!!!! You make America proud!” Brennan wrote in a Twitter post.

On Friday, disgraced former FBI Director James Comey urged followers to cast their votes for Democratic candidates in order to take down President Trump.

“I hope everyone who wants to defeat Donald Trump participates in the Democratic primary process. The majority who oppose him should choose the candidate to defeat him,” Comey wrote.

Both former heads of very powerful law enforcement and intel agencies attacked President Trump while he was overseas on the world stage meeting with foreign leaders.

What scumbags.

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God Bless.

Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

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