Feral Black Thug Spots Elderly White Lady- Instantly ATTACKS And Whips Out The UNTHINKABLE

Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

Video is going viral of a filthy black thuglet taking out her anger on a poor, helpless little old lady- who just happens to be white.

The video shows the crazed animal approach an innocent old lady and back her into a corner.

The thug is heard demanding an apology for something, I’m not sure what. She’s also heard yelling obscenities and other things that are incomprehensible.

The thug captured the attack on her cellphone and actually posted it on her Facebook page.

Here’s the video but I must warn you- it is very disturbing:

Unbelievable. What a filthy animal.

As you just witnessed, the thug tazes the lady over and over and over again while the poor victim is screaming for mercy. This savage clearly has a hatred inside of her that is nothing short of pure evil.

This scumbag enjoyed assaulting this defenseless woman and even posted it on Facebook for all of her fellow thugs to enjoy.

This is without a doubt a racist hate crime.

We don’t know if she was arrested and how long Facebook allowed the video to stay up but we hope that this thug is behind bars.

She has no place in civilized society and belongs in a cage.

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Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

God Bless.

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