Maxine Waters Raises More Questions About Her Competency After She Continues To Push Russia Collusion Delusion

By HJIC at Illicit Info

Opinion| Democratic California Congresswoman Maxine Waters has been vocally anti-Trump since the get-go.

She is now promising to unearth evidence proving collusion between the 2016 Trump Presidential campaign and the Russians… even though special counsel Robert Mueller’s nearly-2-year probe turned up no evidence that proved collusion took place at all.

It was reported by Breitbart Congresswoman Waters talked to MSNBC on Tuesday, saying that she will be pushing on in probing President Donald Trump since she feels he “colluded with the Russian government.”

She stated, “You know, what I don’t bother with? I don’t bother with the speculation about what the Senate will or will not do. We don’t know what unveils. We don’t know whether money laundering becomes very evident. We don’t know whether or not collusion based on even what Mueller has done or whatever other information that we discover will be the deciding factor among Republicans. So I don’t buy the speculation by the talking heads and by the media and others who speculate about what happened with Bill Clinton as opposed to what could happen now with Trump.”

Waters went on, “I believe that he has also colluded with the Russian government he does not criticize Putin. I think he has been involved with the oligarchs in the Kremlin and I think there is a lot more information that Mr. Manafort has…”

Take a look:

What a filthy pile of garbage.

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God Bless.

Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

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