Trump Lawyer Confirms That Mueller Report Doctored Transcript of His Voicemail Recording


Opinion| Stop the presses.  Esteemed attorney John Dowd, who represented President Trump just told Sean Hannity that the actual transcript of a voicemail he left for Michael Flynn had been edited to change its meaning.

The edits made it look like Dowd was asking Flynn to withhold information when Dowd was simply asking Flynn to be mindful of protecting any classified information that his interrogators might inquire about.

This would confirm the suspicions of Judge Emmet Sullivan who is presiding over the sentencing of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

With his statement to Hannity, Dowd confirmed the investigative work of Rosie memos.

Kudos to Rosie memos for being the first to make this public.

This is especially damning for Mueller who spent 22 months tightening the vice on Trump associates by threatening them with charges of making false statements to federal investigators.

Now Mueller has been accused with making false statements of his own.

What else are we going to find that Mueller might has distorted, misrepresented, or outright lied about in the incredibly politicized report that carries his name.

“Mueller’s position has become increasingly conflicted and unintelligible. I found the press conference baffling, raising serious concerns over whether some key decisions are easier to reconcile on a political rather than a legal basis.”

It’s becoming a certainty that President Trump’s declassification order will reveal the depth of the conspiracy that tried to take him down.

As for Mueller, he’ll never testify before Congress.  How can he now that he’s been caught putting his name on the lies, an offense for which he’s sent others to jail.

This is likely the work of Andrew Weissmann who served as Mueller’s lead investigator.  More accurately, Mueller served as the figurehead for Weissmann and Weissmann’s hand picked team of corrupt prosecutors.



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