BREAKING: Over 50 Shot, At Least 10 Killed- Here’s What We Know

Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

Obama’s City of Chicago continued its struggle with rampant crime and an escalating gang crisis in recent days, with more than 50 people shot and 10 killed during the most violence weekend of 2019 in spite of having some of the strictest gun laws in the nation.

On the heels of the most violent weekend of the year, Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson said he wants to make sure there’s not a repeat of the bloodshed.

“At least 50 people were shot across Chicago over the weekend, the most violent of the year with a toll even higher than during the long Memorial Day holiday just a week earlier,” reports the Chicago Tribune.

“More than half the victims were wounded during a 12-hour burst of gunfire from Friday evening to Saturday morning. At least four of the 31 people shot during that time died after attacks on the West and South sides. By the time the weekend ended, at least 10 people were dead, according to the Chicago Police Department,” adds the newspaper.

“Those efforts have resulted in 19 arrests on gun-related charges and 81 illegal weapons seized since Friday evening,” said a Police Department spokesperson on their efforts to crackdown on crime. “Several people of interest are also being questioned in relation to some of our incidents and detectives have good video leads in others.”

So keep on pushing for your stupid gun laws you filthy democrat morons.

Criminals don’t obey the laws you braindead aholes.

God Bless.

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