Lindsey Graham Reveals Hillary Bombshell Live On Hannity Show

Graham: ‘Obstruction of justice’ has occurred, but it was HILLARY, not POTUS Trump, who did it

By JonDougherty

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham told Fox News’ Sean Hannity Monday night that newly revealed information makes it clear that obstruction of justice very likely occurred during the 2016 campaign cycle, but it wasn’t then-GOP nominee Donald Trump who did it.

It was Hillary Clinton and her campaign.

During a discussion about how fired FBI Director James Comey’s recent criticisms of Attorney General William Barr’s probe into the origins of the Russian collusion investigation are hypocritical and self-defeating, Graham noted that investigators have long known that it was Comey who briefed incoming President-elect Trump about the infamous Steele Dossier, which was paid for by the Clinton campaign and used as the pivotal ‘evidence’ to secure a FISA court warrant — which Comey was the first to sign.

“Well, it’s not a theory. We know that Comey told the president in a private meeting that, ‘I want you to know about the dossier…it’s unverified, it’s salacious, but I want you to know about it,’” Graham began.

“That’s the same document given to the [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court] in October [2016] where [the FBI] said under oath it was credible and reliable to get a warrant against an American citizen,” Graham continued.

“Those two things don’t add up,” he said. “That’s not a conspiracy theory, those are facts that need to be reconciled.”

Graham noted further that former special counsel Robert Mueller’s self-serving statement last week implicating POTUS Trump in a potential obstruction of justice case — without leveling actual charges — belies the fact that he told AG Barr in March, when he first filed his report with the Justice Department, that longstanding DoJ policy stating a sitting president cannot be indicted had nothing to do with punting on the obstruction charge.

Recognizing that Mueller did clear the president of the ‘collusion’ allegation (and why not, since ‘collusion’ was never a crime to begin with, only an allegation aimed at undermining the president’s credibility with Americans), Graham said it’s now time to get to the bottom of how the probe began — which is what Barr is doing.

Hannity then noted that new emails and information show that Clinton and her campaign officials received “all kinds of special treatment and consideration” during the FBI’s investigation, so-called, into her criminal abuse of classified information.

That included no recordings of interviews, no after-interview summaries filed by FBI agents (302s), and allowing Clinton campaign officials to sit in on supposed interrogations — highly unusual.

“We know that [Hillary] violated the Espionage Act because James Comey told us so” in his July 2016 press conference, Hannity said, where he then cleared her by claiming “no reasonable prosecutor” would file charges against her because she was running for president.

Or something.

And not to mention the fact that she and her campaign destroyed evidence that Congress had subpoenaed for its own investigation.

How does she get away with that, Hannity asked.

“I think the decision not to prosecute her was probably, most likely, politically motivated because obstruction of justice — taking a hammer to two phones being asked for as evidence, cleaning a [email] server, bleaching it out so you can’t get the emails, is classic obstruction of justice,” Graham said.

“Compromising classified information … she clearly did that,” he went on. “The decision not to prosecute her was pretty simple in my view. If you want her to win [the 2016 election] you can’t prosecute her.”

Graham noted further that DoJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report on various abuses of power during the Obama/Comey regime is expected very soon.


This article originally appeared at The National Sentinel and was republished with permission.

God Bless.

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