Judge Jeanine Pirro Exposes Mueller Working For The Democrats

By Carmine Sabia at The Federalist Papers

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro went after former Special Counsel Robert Mueller for what she thinks are his selfish reasons for speaking.

Mueller spoke for the first time to reporters since the Russia investigation started and it appeared that he was hinting at impeachment.

Many wondered why Mueller did not say anything that was not in his report but stressed certain words and phrases.

“The reason that Robert Mueller spoke publicly this week is because he was more worried about his legacy than he was in protecting this country,” Pirro said.

“This is counter to everything he was taught and supposedly stood for, and is not only disappointing but politically damaging,” she said.

“Mueller had a case of seller’s remorse,” she said.“When the seller regrets what he’s already sold. It seems Bob is afflicted with a serious case of this remorse.

“The original report didn’t hurt Trump enough. Ask yourself one question. Why after 10 weeks, after the special counsel report is submitted, does Mueller unilaterally decide to hold a press conference to say he’s closing shop?”

“And why does Mueller do a Jim Comey and say I didn’t charge but only because dot dot dot? He does it to rally the left because the Mueller report didn’t hurt enough.”

“Mind you, the report is the best evidence of the investigation,” Pirro noted. “It is the investigation. There is no need to unilaterally emphasize or add to the document.

“Not Robert Mueller. He decides to jump into the political fray just like his pal Jim Comey did. And now the calls for impeachment are echoing throughout Congress. This was not the case when the report was committed.”

“So Mueller, I imagine at the behest of the left, gives them what they need to jump-start the calls for impeachment,” she said.

“But nothing has changed in the report. The only thing that changed is Mueller deciding to create chaos and havoc, as if two years of an investigation of the president showing absolutely no Trump Russia collusion and no obstruction are not enough. But that’s what Mueller did. Muddy up the waters and charge up the left.”

“Now Mueller is adding, ‘Look, I’m not confident you didn’t commit a crime.’ That’s sheer lunacy,” the Fox News host said.

“I don’t know a prosecutor in this country who ever said after a grand jury investigation, ‘I’m not sure he didn’t commit a crime.’”

“You will either indict or you don’t. You don’t come out and say, ‘You know, I’m not indicting him, but I’m telling you he ain’t a good guy.’”

“Every prosecutor knows if you don’t indict someone, you stop there. So what was the point of the 400-plus report. The report doesn’t say, ‘I’m not confident you didn’t commit a crime.’ So what’s the endgame now?”

“Let’s take a second to talk about collusion,” she said. “Not the Trump Russia collusion. But what about collusion between Mueller and the Democrats?

“The Democrats are desperate. They need Mueller to shake things up so they can rally the troops around impeachment,” she said.

Reprinted with permission.

God Bless.

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