WAR: Rudy Giuliani Warns Hillary’s Days Are Numbered

Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

It’s no secret that for decades the Clintons have gotten away with murder but Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer warned that the “days of you cannot convict a Clinton” are over.


Giuliani gave the warning to Hillary Clinton after she said Trump would have been indicted for obstruction of justice if he was not President..

Buthurt much you old hag?

During an interview with Fox News, Giuliani said Clinton was the one who actually committed obstruction of justice during the investigation into her emails and private email server and the ‘old rule of never indicting a Clinton’ is a thing of the past.

Giuliani said, “The president didn’t delete 33,000 emails. He didn’t have somebody smash up telephones. And he didn’t have someone wipe out a server and BleachBit it among the few things that she did. The president was innocent of the underlying crime.”

“Collusion delusion. No collusion. If you are innocent on the underlying crime, then everything they are talking about is an effort for him to defend himself,” he continued. “If I tell somebody that I’m innocent, please, testify on my behalf and say what happened, am I obstructing justifiable or am I defending myself and serving justice. But these demented prosecutors never heard that in American law or English law or Roman law or any law, they turned it in we assume is he guilty. If he says to somebody don’t cooperate or cooperate, he is saying it because he wants the truth to come out.”

“There used to be a DOJ standing policy you can’t indict a Clinton, no matter how much they obstruct justice, no much matter how much evidence they destroy and how often they lie, and no matter they committed perjury. You can’t indict a Clinton, it’s against the Democrat Justice Department rules,” he said.

But that has changed and Barr and his crew are digging deep and if we get our way Hillary will spend the rest of her life behind bars.

Hell yeah!

God Bless.

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