FBI Scrambles After Getting Exposed On FISA Abuse And The Deep State Is Panicking

Attkisson: ‘FBI FISA abuses routine’ before deep state spying on Trump over ‘panic’ he would really ‘drain the swamp’

By JonDougherty

During an appearance on Mike Huckabee’s Saturday night program on the TNT network, former CBS News ace investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson discussed how she was spied upon by the Obama regime and how deep state espionage against the Trump campaign was based on abject fear of what the president-to-be was promising.

Initially, Attkisson — who exposed this in her blockbuster book, “Stonewalled: My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation, and Harassment in Obama’s Washington” — talked about how she, with the help of cyber-forensic allies, discovered while working for CBS that all of her computers and devices had been infiltrated with government (intelligence agency) spyware.

In addition, Attkisson said that cyber-forensic experts discovered a classified document that had been placed on her computer by someone in the U.S. intelligence community which she believes was planted to give the Obama regime an excuse to go after her for her investigative reporting on a variety of scandals including the “Fast and Furious” gun-walking operation.

But she went on to explain how the Obama White House and the deep state intelligence apparatus that considers itself above any administration was stricken with “fear” that an outsider — Donald Trump — would do what he said he would do on the campaign trail and “drain the swamp.”

Asked by Huckabee why there wasn’t an uproar from the so-called “mainstream” media after Attkisson discovered the Obama administration had infiltrated her computers, she said:

I will postulate something to the people watching. The 2016 shenanigans by the intelligence community was not about 2016. It was not about they hated Donald Trump out of the blue. According to sources I have and reporting that had already been done, they were panicked at the notion of a Donald Trump coming in outside the establishment with [then-retired U.S. Army] Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who used to head the Defense Intelligence Agency, and it was known — they were gonna clean house of some of these surveillance abuses that’d been going on a long time.

Huckabee then asked Attkisson to respond to criticism from fired FBI Director James Comey, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and others at Attorney General William Barr’s use of the word “spying” to describe what took place against the Trump campaign.

“There are two possibilities,” she began. “Either they really thought that Donald Trump and his associates were Russian agents, which [special counsel] Robert Mueller said isn’t true…and were entirely misguided, lacking in judgment” and led by “tinfoil hat conspiracies, or there was corruption involved.”

“I really think those are the only two possibilities that you can draw” from what the Obama regime did to POTUS Trump and his campaign team, adding that “there pretty clearly was” an intelligence operation launched against him.

Then Attkisson dropped another bombshell:

I put that together with not only the facts that, as we began to learn them, but with information I was getting from inside intel sources who — before 2016, by the way — told me that there were widespread, and had been widespread abuses of information presented to the so-called FISA court to get wiretaps…that it was a longstanding and well-known abuse by some in the FBI.

So, again, I would urge us to look at the bigger picture and not just stop with thinking about this was only about the election year and Donald Trump in 2016.

That is huge, for it means a couple of things:

— Obviously, FBI lying to the FISA court to get surveillance warrants is a regular thing;

— It is so regular and so protected that the FBI, led by swamp creature Comey and Co., and with Obama’s blessing, went out on an extraordinarily long limb to try and sabotage a major party presidential campaign to protect that cozy set-up;

— Flynn, at one time a rising star in the intel world, was targeted by Obama’s deep state early because he knew what was going on (and likely fell out of favor with Obama, who fired him, over the same surveillance abuses that Attkisson was describing).

So, where are the other ‘Sharyl Attkisson’s’ out there? She says they exist in the media world, but they are silenced or co-opted by corporate (and political) interests, both of which force them to toe the line and keep quiet — evidence that, yes, the ‘mainstream’ media is part of the deep state cabal.

YouTube video courtesy of Huckabee

This article originally appeared at The National Sentinel and was republished with permission.

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