Pennsylvania School Forced To Stop Saying ‘God Bless America’

Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

Liberalism and Atheism go hand in hand and ever since Obama appeared on the scene the attack against God has spiraled out of control. 

President Trump has done a great job bringing back God in America but the anti-God problem still exists.

For example, a group called the Freedom From Religion Foundation have complained about saying “God Bless America…”

A Pennsylvania school, Sabold Elementary School in Springfield received a complaint from the FFRF which prompted this announcement:

“An attorney recently contacted Springfield School District and asserted on behalf of his client that Sabold Elementary School administration’s practice of publicly reciting the words, “God Bless America” over the loud speaker immediately after the public recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance violated the law.

In accordance with District protocol, this complaint was forwarded to our District Solicitor’s Office. Based upon the Solicitor’s legal research and recommendation, we ceased this practice.  Continuation of any practices that may be unlawful would only expose the District to litigation, which the local taxpayers would have to financially support.”

The Daily Caller News Foundation reports that the complaint was filed after a parent notified them that Peter Brigg, the school’s principal, said “God bless America” over the school’s loudspeakers after every daily recitation of the pledge of allegiance, according to The Associated Press. The anti-religious organization argued that “God bless America” constituted a prayer and therefore “does not pass constitutional muster.”


The FFRF praised the school’s decision, but lamented the fact that God is also referenced in the pledge.

“We’re gratified that Springfield officials listened to us so clearly,” FFRF Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor said in a statement. “Young elementary school children don’t need to be coerced into affirming God’s name every morning.”

Yeah? Well young elementary school children don’t need to be coerced into accepting leftist indoctrination like reciting verses from Quran or being told about how great transgenderism is or how America is evil and racist.

These people are complete scumbags.

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Thank you and GOD BLESS!

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