Comey Stabs Barr In The Back And Is Going To Regret It Big Time

Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

Former FBI director James Comey responded to A.G. Barr’s claim that the FBI may have spied on the Trump campaign saying, “The FBI doesn’t spy, the FBI investigates. We investigated a very serious allegation that Americans might be hooked up with the Russian effort to attack our democracy.”

Comey said that Republicans who are worried about FBI spying “need to breathe into a paper bag” in an interview on “CBS This Morning.”

Comey slammed the Justice Department’s handling of the Robert Mueller report on Wednesday, taking issue with Attorney General Bill Barr’s summary and his characterization of Special Counsel Mueller’s findings, Fox News reports.

“It struck me, especially after I read the Mueller report, as misleading,” Comey said, adding, “It was inadequate to summarize that work.”

Comey said that his problem with Barr’s four-page letter to Congress that preceded the report’s release was that it gave the impression that Mueller was staying away from any determination regarding obstruction of justice, “when that’s not what Mueller did.” Comey argued that Mueller presented evidence of obstruction “and signaled to a future prosecutor after this individual is out of office you ought to take a serious look at charging him.”

Mueller did not reach a conclusion on whether the president obstructed justice, but Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein determined the evidence was not sufficient to pursue such a case. Barr, meanwhile, has defended his initial report to Congress on the Mueller investigation as well as subsequent efforts to share details about the report with lawmakers, amid a clash with Democrats who have subpoenaed the unredacted document.

Comey defended the FBI’s rationale for opening its investigation of Trump associates. But in doing so, the former FBI chief appeared to get some parts of the investigation’s timeline wrong, The Daily Caller News Foundation reports.

“If we had confronted the same facts with a different candidate, say, a Democrat candidate, where one of their advisers was talking to a foreign adversary’s representative, about that adversary’s interfering in our election, they’d be screaming for the FBI to investigate it, and that’s all we did.”

“People just ought to look at the predication for the opening of that investigation. We should have been fired if we didn’t investigate this.”

Yeah? Well you got fired! LMAO!

Meanwhile Republican Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy says, “I think he is worried, and he should be, that Mr. Barr and the inspector general are going to look further into the genesis of the investigation of the Trump campaign.”

“And the investigation of the Clinton campaign. And I think they’ll find that all roads lead to Mr. Comey.”

“I think Mr. Comey is lashing out now because he knows what’s coming,” Kennedy said.

God Bless.

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