Joe Biden Just Got CRUSHED And Democrats Are Completely Trashing Him

Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

Former Vice President Joe Biden is in for the fight of his life- and most of it will be coming from the far left that has taken over the Democrat Party.

He’s already had to deal with his unwanted touching of women and little girls (and maybe men) and the way he treated Anita Hill and here’s the latest.

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Biden’s facing backlash from the political left after a clip of him calling former Vice President Dick Cheney a “decent man” in 2015 resurfaced online Thursday, DCNF reported.

Joe Biden: “I actually like Dick Cheney… I get on with him. I think he’s a decent man.” He adds that Cheney was “extremely helpful” about the “legal parameters” of the VP office. Without irony. Mondale then says his view of Cheney is “a little bit different.” The crowd laughs

The clip went viral after Emma Vigeland, a correspondent with left-wing outlet The Young Turks, posted it online.


Biden’s mild praise for the former vice president was enough to spark an online backlash.

“Dick Cheney was the architect of war crimes, but OK,” MSNBC host Chris Hayes wrote in a widely shared tweet.

Other leftists were similarly critical of Biden.







Biden faced similar backlash in February after he described Vice President Mike Pence as a “decent guy.”

He later backtracked following criticism from actress Cynthia Nixon.

God Bless.

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