BREAKING: Massive Terrorist Attack Just Prevented In New York

Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

Police have arrested three teenagers on Long Island Thursday for planning to build a bomb and detonate the explosive device at their school.

The New York Post reports that three 16-year-old students of Connetquot High School in Suffolk County were taken into custody after an administrator at the school alerted cops about their alleged plan, according to the Suffolk County Police Department.

The suspects were discussing the plot during a bus ride home on May 1 when multiple students overheard them and told the school administrator, authorities said.

Police searched the teens homes and discovered copy of a “The Anarchist Cookbook,” a publication that contains instructions about how to build homemade explosives. No actual explosive devices were found, police said.

Detectives also discovered “one BB gun, two BB long guns, and two laptops,” according to a police statement.

All three teens were arrested on charges of conspiracy in the 4th degree. Their names have not been released to the public, authorities say, citing their young age.


God Bless.

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