President Trump To Give Border Patrol New Tool That Will Help End Illegals Seeking Asylum For Good

Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

The Trump administration wants to give Border Patrol agents authority to decide asylum claims on the spot rather than clogging the court sytem with the rapidly increasing claims.

The Department of Homeland Security is racing to implement the plan that would give federal law enforcement on the border the authority to conduct interviews with asylum seekers who fear returning to their home countries, according to two sources with firsthand knowledge of the plan.

Under the pending procedural change, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services officers would train Border Patrol agents on the southern border how to conduct “credible fear interviews,” which immigrants must pass to go on to claim asylum. Agents would conduct the interviews shortly after apprehending people who have illegally crossed from Mexico to the U.S., the Washington Examiner reports.

The Trump administration is pushing to start agent training “ASAP,” according to one official.

A migrant illegally crossing the border would be subjected to an interview by an agent shortly after apprehension and would only be allowed to claim asylum if they pass the interview, The Daily Caller News Foundation reports.

The changes would reduce the number of migrants who are waiting for a decision on their asylum case, alleviating an immigration court system bogged down with some 900,000 pending cases, and more quickly deport foreign nationals who do not qualify.

“If that gets rolled out and we actually start deporting people within a timely manner, you’re going to see the numbers drop exponentially,” an official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said to the Examiner.

The only drawback for the administration would be that agents would be temporarily diverted away from border enforcement duties as they undergo training. However, the plan is expected to result in an overall drop of illegal immigrants entering the interior of the country.

“Theoretically, we could end up deporting them in two weeks, rather than two to five years,” another source stated. Asylum seekers typically wait in the U.S. for years as they wait for their case to be adjudicated.

Officials with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) believe they are within their authority to implement this plan because asylum officers are required to be immigration officials, and Border Patrol agents are considered to be immigration officials. For this reason, DHS is not seeking congressional approval.

Nevertheless, the change is expected to be challenged in court.

There’s no doubt that the dems will fight this tooth and nail.

God Bless.

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