Billionaire Governor And Lib Under Federal Criminal Investigation

Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

Democrat billionaire Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker, along with his wife and brother-in-law, are under federal criminal investigation for a questionable property tax appeal that has hung over him since last year’s gubernatorial race.

Pritzker has been the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation since last October, although no criminal charges have been brought against him, a law enforcement source told Chicago radio station WBEZ.

Evie Fordham at The Daily Caller News Foundation reports that Illinois voters already knew a little bit about the background of the investigation. It is related to a toilet scandal that earned him the nickname the “porcelain prince” and haunted his candidacy.

Pritzker agreed to refund a $330,000 property tax break in October after a county inspector general found a “scheme to defraud,” reported the Chicago Sun-Times. Pritzker was accused of disabling the toilets in his 12,500-square-foot Chicago mansion so it could be declared uninhabitable, which would have allowed Pritzker to pay lower taxes, according to ABC 7.

Pritzker’s opponent, Republican incumbent Bruce Rauner, had capitalized on the story on the campaign trail.

“Simple fact, four of my nine predecessors as governor went to jail,” the former governor said during an October debate with Pritzker, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. “Mr. Pritzker has a very good chance of being No. 5.”

Pritzker is the richest siting politician in the country, according to Forbes. Pritzker is a venture capitalist and heir to the Hyatt Hotel fortune and is worth more than $3 billion.

Fox News reports that the report also said that the governor’s brother-in-law, Thomas J. Muenster, and the first lady’s personal assistant, Christine Lovely, made false representations on tax appeal documents. The scheme apparently cost taxpayers more than $331,000, according to the IG report.

“An Illinois governor under federal criminal investigation 101 days into office must be a new record – even for Illinois,” Illinois Republican Party Chairman Tim Schneider said in a statement. “We already knew Pritzker was a serial tax dodger. He stashes millions offshore in zero-tax Bahamas bank accounts and took the toilets out of his Chicago mansion to dodge over $330,000 in property taxes.”

Schneider added: “The Cook County Independent Inspector General called it ‘a scheme to defraud’ taxpayers. Yet Pritzker continues to push tax hikes on Illinois families and businesses – absurd hypocrisy from Pritzker.”

Obama endorsed the billionaire:

It really comes as no surprise.

A corrupt Democrat…

God Bless.

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