Trey Gowdy Is Ticked And Reveals What Will Happen For The Next 2 Years

  1. Gowdy: Dems will make ‘next two years even worse’ for POTUS Trump (Video)

By JonDougherty at The National Sentinel

President Donald Trump, to any thinking, rational person, did not “collude” with Russia to “steal the election” from Hillary Clinton. He isn’t a Russian Manchurian candidate. And he did not obstruct justice when he fired former FBI Director James Comey for intentionally letting Clinton off the hook for her criminal mishandling of classified materials.

We didn’t need a special counsel or a 2-year investigation to tell us that, but the country got one anyway because that was the plan all along: ‘Get’ the bad billionaire businessman from New York who dared think that just because he won an election he was actually going to get to be the president.

But all that’s behind us now, right? Special counsel Robert Mueller “cleared” the president of something he never did in a report he filed last month, so that’s that — right?

Wrong, according to former South Carolina GOP congressman and federal prosecutor Trey Gowdy. In fact, according to him, we ain’t seen nothing yet.

“The next two years will be worse,” Gowdy told Fox News‘ Martha McCallum Friday — a day after Attorney General William Barr released a redacted version of Mueller’s report that said despite an 18-month investigation, his Democrat-donor prosecutors ‘couldn’t say for sure’ that the president didn’t obstruct…though they also couldn’t say he did (which is the legal standard in our country).

“If the president thought he had a cloud over his head the last two years,” Gowdy continued. “At least Mueller did his work confidentially; Congress will not. At least Mueller, I think, had an open mind going into the investigation; Congress does not.”

Gowdy also said he was surprised at “the paucity of leaks” from Mueller’s team, noting that “Congress leaks all the time” — so nothing will be truly confidential, and the information that does come out will be skewed against the president.

“I feel sorry for my fellow citizens, most of whom Russia is not number one or number two on their list of concerns… They’re going to be living with this, except in a worse way, for the next two years.”

Which, of course, isn’t going to bode well for the president or his administration.

That said, McCallum and Gowdy noted that a counter-investigation of the “Spygate” and coup conspirators, including, primarily, fired FBI agent Peter Strzok, is coming or is already underway.

Gowdy noted that Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), chairman of the Judiciary Committee, has vowed to look into how the ‘Russiagate’ investigation began. He also noted that Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz has been looking into it as well, and Attorney General William Barr has also pledged to examine the investigation’s origins.

“It would be great, Martha, if we could all agree that we don’t need biased FBI agents running two important counterintelligence operations,” Gowdy said, alluding to Strzok and his well-documented history of biased texts in favor of Clinton and against Trump that he shared with his one-time paramour, FBI lawyer Lisa Page. “But Congress cannot” agree on that, he added.

Gowdy also noted that his former House colleague, Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff of California — now head of the Intelligence Committee — “is not done with collusion.”

“His entire political future rests with collusion,” Gowdy noted. “He’s gonna go look into that” while other House Democratic committee chairs including Rep. Jerrold Nadler of New York “are gonna go look into obstruction.”

How all of this plays with the American electorate remains to be seen, but Gowdy’s spot-on about one thing: The political establishment’s efforts to get rid of POTUS Trump are not over.


YouTube video courtesy of Fox News

Fox News contributor and former House Oversight Committee chairman Trey Gowdy says Mueller did his investigation confidentially and with an open mind, Congress will not. #TheStory #MarthaMacCallum #FoxNews

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