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Maniac Maxine Just Completely Went Off The Rails And It May Prove She Has Mental Illness


Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

Mad Maxine Waters, the illiterate, corrupt, racist Trump hating democrat from hell is apparently in full meltdown mode over the results of the Mueller report.

This nasty lady went on a full tirade which makes us wonder if she is mentally fit to serve our country.

She refuses to accept the fact that President Trump was found to not have colluded with the Russians during the 2016 election, and that he did not obstruct justice during the subsequent investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

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The lunatic who wants to “Impeach45” took to Twitter with insane comments.

Here is her ‘pinned post’ on her Twitter account:


The lunatic tweeted frantically today:

“As I stated last night on MSNBC, the American people shouldn’t have expected Barr to do anything more than what he did: protect Trump. Barr has been acting as Trump’s defense atty, not AG. Barr’s performance was outrageously disrespectful of the Constitution & the American public.”

“Barr made a point of defending the President by describing Trump’s pressure & frustration b/c of criticism. It’s not the AG’s job to protect a President who refused an interview by the Special Counsel! Barr is simply continuing his ongoing defense & protection of the President!”

“Barr auditioned for the job. He said he would protect Trump and that is what he has done. We demand Mueller’s public testimony and review of his report NOT Barr’s twisted interpretations!”

“Barr said the words “no collusion, no collusion” straight out of the mouth of Trump. No attempt to hide his continuing defense of the President using the President’s own words. How much more of a lackey can he be? FAKE AG!”

So now Barr is a FAKE AG?



God Bless.

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