New Report Just Dropped From ICE And It’s Not Good For America

No crisis? ICE says more than 10,000 people from terrorist-sponsoring states roaming the U.S.

The Department of Homeland Security said on Friday that more than 10,000 people from terrorist-sponsoring states are currently at large in the United States, with many under removal orders or are pending removal.

“My biggest concern isn’t how many terrorists have been arrested entering the country illegally, but how many got through?” said Thomas Homan, a former acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said in a statement for the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI). “How many did Border Patrol not catch? That’s what Americans should be thinking about.”

In response to a Freedom of Information Act request from Homan’s organization, ICE provided records indicating that there are currently at least 10,340 people illegally residing inside the U.S. from countries the State Department has designated as terrorist havens.

The State Department has designated North Korea, Iran, Sudan, and Syria as state sponsors of terrorism.

PJ Media noted further:

According to ICE records, there are 2,812 illegal immigrants from Iran who have been ordered removed, and 3,519 who have orders of removal pending, for a grand total of 6,331 illegals from Iran. There are three illegals from North Korea with finalized orders of removal and 18 whose removal orders are pending, for a total of 21.

There are 941 illegals from Sudan with finalized removal orders and 919 with pending removal orders, for a total of 1,860. There are 647 illegals with finalized removal orders from Syria and 1,481 with removal orders still pending, for a total of 2,128.

State and local law enforcement agencies once coordinated with ICE to remove people on the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) list who were wanted on an administrative warrant for removal from the U.S., but sanctuary laws prevent such coordination. ICE has still removed an average of about 44 known or suspected terrorists per year in fiscal years 2017 and 2018, IRLI reported.

You may recall that among POTUS Donald Trump’s first orders of business upon taking office was issuing an executive order banning travel to the U.S. from six terrorist-sponsoring countries. EO 13769 was titled, “Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States,” and it sought, among other things, to keep people out of the country who could pose a terrorist threat.

Democrats and their sycophantic allies in the “mainstream” media immediately branded the order a “Muslim ban,” which, of course, it wasn’t. But more importantly, Left-wing groups took the administration to federal court where cherry-picked activist district court judges summarily and dutifully issued nationwide injunctions preventing the president from fulfilling his commitment to keeping America safe.

Eventually, the Supreme Court upheld the EOs as wholly constitutional, but that took more than a year and there is no telling how many people from some of these terrorist-sponsoring countries were allowed to either remain in the country or get in.

“It’s bad enough that America is deluged with illegal aliens from failed states around the world,” Dale L. Wilcox, IRLI’s executive director and general counsel, said in a statement. “It’s simply unacceptable that we also have more than 10,000 aliens here from terrorist states that are sworn enemies of America.

“We saw on 9/11 the damage that only 19 sleeper cell terrorists could cause. This is just the latest example of the disaster of sanctuary laws, which force ICE agents to operate with one hand tied behind their backs while making our communities inherently more dangerous,” Wilcox added.

Of course, we will add the standard disclaimer that ‘not everyone from these countries is a terrorist.’ Got it. But there certainly are more people from these countries who potentially could become terrorists than from other nations where terrorism isn’t a problem.

And now some of them are here, thanks to the Left’s relentless efforts to throw open our borders to anyone and everyone who wants to come.

By JonDougherty at The National Sentinel

God Bless.

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