Demented Nancy Pelosi Busted Slipping Gun Confiscation Into Bill That Republicans Voted For

Chris “Badger” Thomas RIGHT WING TRIBUNE

Washington, DC – Anti-gunners play dirty.  Democrats snuck gun control legislation into a re-authorization of the “Violence Against Women Act” as a ruthless way to get spineless Republicans to vote for it, reports.

33 Republicans were too scared of being slandered as “enablers of violence against women” that they chose to vote for gun control that takes firearms OUT OF THE HANDS of vulnerable women. H.R. 1585

These cowards chose to put false hysteria above a moral duty to defend our God-given rights and are pathetic enough that they are manipulating and using the safety and security of abused females for their firearm agendas.

The bill has now passed the House and goes on to the Senate hijacking a re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act.

The Act had not previously been used to restrict gun ownership. Speaker Nancy Pelosi added the infringements to the bill.

The additional class would is those convicted of a “misdemeanor crime of stalking,” which includes a “course of harassment, intimidation, or surveillance of another person.  With that terminology it would appear to be a protection and security issue added to the bill.

The issue however, is that in today’s day and age is highly possible for a person to be convicted of harassment for a series of tweets that caused “emotional distress.” Social media is now allowable in court and with the addition of the “red flag laws” also being added and passed, it sure looks a lot like an extreme violation of the 2nd Amendment rights.

The democrats know they cannot go after the 2nd Amendment itself, so they are finding loopholes in other laws/bills where they can manipulate them to make it illegal for a good person to posses a firearm.

The argument from the left is that a “good person” does not break the law, so there is nothing to worry about.  The problem is that these new laws are worded in such a way that they are easily manipulated by the legal system that if a person faces allegations they are guilty and must prove innocence and not innocent until proven guilty.

Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.


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