BREAKING News About Elizabeth Warren

If the presidential election were held today and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts Democrat, were her party’s nominee, she’d no doubt win her deep blue home state.

But her problem is that she may never even get close to the nomination — in her home state.

According to a new survey, “Fauxcohontas” is currently running third behind two other 2020 Democratic hopefuls: Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vermont) is polling first in Massachusetts, and former VP Joe Biden is second.

Between them, they take more than half of voters, according to the Emerson Polling survey.

With the first Democratic debates about two months away and the Iowa caucuses about 10 months away, Warren isn’t polling well at all. And remember, she was the very first Democrat to announce she was running against POTUS Donald Trump.

As Matt Vespa at TownHall correctly points out, trying to guess at this point who the eventual Democratic nominee will be is foolish.

But, he notes:

National and early state polling has looked quite weak for Warren thus far, to put it kindly, and this fresh set of data out of her home state suggests that she may not be a viable leading contender for her party’s nomination…anywhere.

The fact is, Warren was carrying a lot of political baggage from the outset. Her fake Native American claim and the resultant DNA test to ‘prove’ she was something like 1/1,024th Indian went very badly for her. And even in her own state, it looks like she has yet to recover.

Plus, she decided to be very ‘Trumpian’ in swearing off big-dollar donors, which has (wait for it) “cost” her, according to Axios, even leading to her finance director’s resignation:

The finance director for Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 presidential campaign resigned after an internal clash over the candidate’s decision last month not to host big-money fundraisers or solicit donations from wealthy donors, the New York Times reports

Though it’s unclear when exactly finance director Michael Pratt resigned, news of his departure comes just ahead of Sunday’s first-quarter fundraising deadline. The Times reports that Warren is lagging behind her competitors and has struggled to raise campaign dollars, even as she leads the Democratic field in putting forth bold new policy proposals.

Warren has reportedly transferred $10 million from her Senate campaign account…Pratt resigned after a Valentine’s Day meeting in Washington that “grew heated,” in which he argued that cutting off the “significant cash stream” would put the campaign at risk of collapsing.

Warren can’t be like POTUS Trump because Warren a) is a Left-wing quack; and 2) she doesn’t have billions of dollars to bankroll her campaign.

Not that it would even matter in her own home state, apparently.

JonDougherty at The National Sentinel

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