Secret Service On High Alert

Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

A Chinese woman attempted to enter Mar-a-Lago, the presidents club in Palm Beach, Florida but was stopped by Secret Service after they became suspicious of her intentions.

Initially the Secret Service encountered the woman, Yujing Zhang, 32 at a checkpoint. She had 2 Chinese passports and said that she was a member of the club and was coming to swim in the pool.

Zhang reportedly gained entry to the club after showing one of her passports to an agent.

That agent made what could have been a catastophic mistake and should be reprimanded. He failed.

Anyways, the manager of the club who thought that Zhang was the daughter of a member of the club granted her entry.

Again- fire the manager. Major screw-up.

Secret Service then asked her if she was indeed related to the family but said they couldn’t undestand her broken English.

When she entered, Zhang told Secret Service she was there for a United Nations Chinese American Association event that did not exist. After she showed agents an invitation written in Chinese, agents told her she had to leave, because the event she was speaking of was not taking place, according to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

After she began to argue agents took her into a room for questioning, where agents realized she could speak English. Later, four cellphones, a laptop, an external hard drive and a thumb drive with computer malware were discovered.

Oh, and she didn’t have a swimsuit!

Zhang is charged with making false statements to federal agents and illegally entering a restricted area. She remains in custody pending a hearing next week.

President Donald Trump was present at the time this all took place.

Pretty scary stuff right there.

I think Trump’s secret service needs to be a hell of a lot more aggressive.

God Bless.

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