Bumbling Beto Reveals What His First Executive Action Would Be As President

Dean James at Right Wing News

Democrat Presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke says that if he is elected president, he will sign an executive order on day one which would require that all members of his Cabinet hold town hall meetings every month.

O’Rourke told the crowd during the “We the People” summit in Washington, D.C., “I’ll sign an executive order on the first day in office requiring every single Cabinet secretary to hold a town hall meeting like this every single month, to listen to you and to be accountable to you so that we deliver for you.”

“Those Cabinet secretaries for those agencies and departments will be before you,” he said. “Not a hand-picked audience, not a theatrical production but a real life town hall meeting, not just to answer questions but to be held accountable.”

After losing to Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz during the 2018 midterm elections Beto announced in March that he will be running for president in 2020.

Good luck with that Bozo. Trump will bury you.

Check it out.

What is he on? He looks insane.

Daily Caller reports that following his speech, the Beto for America campaign issued a statement to The Washington Examiner saying that O’Rourke’s hypothetical presidential administration would bring “historic levels of transparency, accountability and engagement … while ensuring the genius of our democracy and the diversity.”

“At a time when we face an extraordinary concentration of power and access, when our government does too little for too few, we must ensure that the people of this country can hold their government to account for the decisions it makes in their name,” the statement read. “It is only by listening to those we are sworn to serve and represent, by gaining the full benefit of their ideas, their experiences, their creativity, that we can come together to confront and overcome the very real challenges before us.”


He looks like he is high on cocaine or meth.

What a joke.

God Bless.

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