VIRAL VIDEO! There’s Nothing More American Than Cooking BACON With Your M-16!

This is completely awesome…

By Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

Okay PATRIOTS! What could be better than cooking bacon while blasting your M-16? Competitive shooter Dustin Ellermann demonstrated in a new viral video how you can cook bacon with an M16 automatic rifle.

You have got to LOVE this! I mean HELL YEAH! This is AMERICA and WE EAT BACON AND WE SHOOT GUNS BABY! 

You can hear the Patriot say the words “So much America right now!” 

As he shoots he can smell the wonderful aroma of BACON! Man, you have got to love this one! We certainly do at RIGHT WING TRIBUNE! 


After he eats the bacon this brother says ” LET’S GO KILL US SOME MORE PIGS!” LMAO!- Take that you FILTHY ISIS loving D-BAGS!!!!

You just have got to love this!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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