Liberals Now Want Cops To Be Unarmed At College

Chris “Badger” Thomas RIGHT WING TRIBUNE

Oregon State Rep. Diego Hernandez (D-Portland) is pushing legislation to disarm campus police at the University of Oregon and Portland State University, Breitbart reports.

KTVZ quoted Hernandez saying, “This bill is about making students at our university campuses safer. The fact of the matter is students at both campuses have said time and time again they do not want armed police on their campus. Sound policy has to come from and center the communities impacted, and it’s time we listen to students.”

The bill, House Bill 3338, comes after several dangerous or deadly encounters for campus community members at the hands of armed campus police forces, Hernandez’s office said in a news release.

UO student body President Maria Gallegos and UO student body Vice- President Imani Dorsey released a joint statement of support for the bill:

“No student should have to fear for their own life on campus from an institution that is supposed to protect and serve them. What has happened with armed police at both UO and PSU is what students at both campuses said would happen and why students have been saying for years not to arm our campus police. We believe there needs to be laws in place to protect students from police violence since we can’t depend on the police to protect us.

It may seem on the surface that a lot of folks don’t mind police, but for students of color, LGBTQ, disabled, houseless students — they don’t see campus police as a safety guard.” ~ UO student body President Maria Gallegos

“For four years, PSU communities have spoken up saying they want an unarmed campus,” said Portland State University student government member and DisarmPSUmember Camilo Abreu Assad.

UOPD Chief Matthew Carmichael does not agree with the proposed legislation. “I respect what students’ opinions are in this community,” said Carmichael, “but as far as this bill goes, it’s not something I can support because I know that’s not the best way to keep my campus safe.”

Because UOPD is a state-certified police force, Carmichael said it is necessary for officers to be armed, in contrast to unarmed security forces at other universities.

Blunt Truth:

We live in a time when the new age parents believe that, “everyone deserves a trophy” as well as  entitled, selfish and zero accountability.  This mindset is everywhere you look, social media, TV, Movies, articles, Democrats, Schools and the News.

Letting kids dictate family decisions gives kids more power than they are developmentally ready to handle. Treating kids like an equal–or the boss–actually robs them of mental strength.

Give your kids an opportunity to practice taking orders, listening to things they don’t want to hear, and doing things they don’t want to do. Let your kids make simple choices while maintaining a clear family hierarchy.

These young-adults believe that because of how they “feel” then they can dictate to others what “freedoms” and “laws” they must live by.  All one has to do is look around and they will see teens and college students demanding everyone to give up their 2nd Amendment rights and it is because they have no concept of what the 2nd Amendment is and why it was written.  Honestly, they do not care either, they want what they want and have zero regard for any consequences of getting their way.

We must stop listening to such rhetoric, disarming those officer’s simply to make them “feel better” not only put’s the officer’s lives in danger but every single student on the campus.  Those who intend to carry out violence will not be deterred because of laws or feelings.

Enough is enough, I for one am sick and tired of these selfish and ignorant youth making demands and politicians indoctrinating them with propaganda to dissolve freedoms and rights that shall not be infringed.

Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.


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