Tucker Invites Environmentalist On Show, Totally Destroys AOC And It’s Awesome

Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

Fox News host Tucker Carlson had environmental activist Michael Shellenberger on his show and what he said blows away the liberal idea that that the country can run completely on renewable energies like windmills and solar.

Shellenberger who is the founder of the group Environmental Progress said that the problem is that the two main problems with wind turbines and solar panels are that are unreliable and the amount of energy produced isn’t even close to producing enough energy to run the country’s power grid.

“I was sort of one of the founders of the original Green New Deal back in 2003 to 2007,” Shellenberger said. “People don’t remember President Obama, we spent about $150 billion on renewables between 2009 and 2015, and we just kept encountering the same kind of problems.”

“They just depend on when the sun is shining and when the wind is blowing, which is 10 to 40 percent of the year,” he said adding that “something people are not as aware of, the low energy density of sunlight and wind. Basically what we’ve been finding is that the lower the energy density of the fuel, the bigger the environmental impact.”

He also touched the amount of natural recources such as land it would take to generate much electricity.

Jason Hopkins at The Daily Caller has more:

Instead, the Environmental Progress founder touted the benefits of nuclear energy, a source of power that can generate large amounts of reliable energy while emitting zero carbon emissions. However, Shellenberger said the public has yet to fully embrace nuclear energy because they associate it with nuclear bombs, past nuclear accidents and a desire to use energy that harmonizes with the natural world.”

“That turns out to be a bad idea because the more natural resource we use, the worse it is for the natural environment,” he said.

As environmental activists become more alarmed about the threat of climate change, many are re-evaluating how they perceive nuclear power. The U.S. nuclear industry currently supplies about 20 percent of the country’s total electricity, but it provides roughly 60 percent of its zero-carbon electricity. A growing number of climate change-oriented lawmakers are now passing subsidies and support programs to keep nuclear plants in operation.

Shellenberger went on to say it was “very disappointing” that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s widely publicized Green New Deal does not include provisions for nuclear energy.

Ocasio-Cortez’s original FAQ document on the Green New Deal, in fact, called for a phase out of nuclear power. However, following the botched roll out of the deal, her team took the anti-nuclear language off their website.

Here’s the interview that aired on Fox News:

So much for the New Green Disaster!

I have 24 solar panels in my backyard and my pool is heated naturally by solar.

The pool is useless during the winter and the huge solar panel grid I have supposedly cuts my bill by 30%.

We hope you found this interesting.

God Bless.

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