Cohen Hearing Explodes After Muslim Congresswoman Tlaib Calls Republican Rep Racist

Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

If you didn’t watch the Michael Cohen hearing on Capitol Hill today you missed one hell of a show.

From the beginning until the closing the fireworks were on full display.

In his opening statement Cohen blasted President Trump, calling him a racist, a conman and a cheat.

There were many heated exchanges between the Dems And the Republicans but perhaps one of the most memorible was when a Muslim Democrat pulled out the racecard (typical) on a Republican.

Carmine Sabia at The Federalist Papers has more:

The hearing for Michael Cohen just went off the rails with screaming and charges of racism.

Minnesota Rep. Rashia Tlaib accused Rep. Mark Meadows of being a racist by bringing one of the top black members of President Donald trump’s administration to the hearing.

Meadows took great exception and began to shout but Tlaib continued to aggressively shout over him.

It got so brutal that Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings defended Rep. Meadows who he knows for a long time.

It was an insane exchange in a day of insane testimony and it is a video you need to watch.


Cohen agreed to take a plea deal to avoid what could have been a lengthy prison sentence, pleading guilty to charges of tax evasion, making false statements to a financial institution, willfully causing an unlawful corporate contribution and making an excessive campaign contribution, Fox News reports. He also was ordered to pay $1.4 million in restitution and a $50,000 fine, and forfeit $500,000. He was stripped of his law license in New York as he headed to Capitol Hill to testify before Congress on Feb. 27.

The whole mess ended with Cummings lame closing statement.

Bottom line- Cohen is a total scumbag and this is all just another stunt by the Dems to try to impeach our president.

What a joke.

God Bless.

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