Watch As Cory Booker Says “America Not Best Country To Be Born In”

By Steve Straub at The Federalist Papers

Earlier this week, Cory Booker just blew any chance he had of becoming President by proclaiming that America is no longer the best place to be born in, if you’re poor.

Booker has obviously lost his mind as no other country offers people the opportunities available here in this country, especially for those born poor.

Senator Spartacus needs to go find himself a new and much better country, by his own estimation, to live in.

Watch as wannabe president Cory Booker slams America, as not the best country to be born in:

YouTube video courtesy of  The Federalist Papers Project

Partial transcript:

“I always say that my father, if you were in heaven around the time my father was born, even if you were a black guy like my dad and you were going to pick a country to be born in, the United States would be at the top of your list because we had — we were expanding middle class at a rate that was creating opportunity.

But now, if you’re going to be born on the planet Earth, the United States of America is not going to be that necessarily, if you’re just looking to get out of poverty, that’s your only metric.

This is not necessarily the top country if you’re going to be born poor to get out. And that’s actually an assault on the very idea of the American dream. And so I think we need to be the party of reclaiming the dream.

We need to be party of reimagining this nation to create great pathways of prosperity and this is just one of those bills that my team and I are sitting down and saying, okay how’s this being rigged? How are the rules changed, how can we address those changes?”

Cory Booker is a disgrace to New Jersey, to America and to himself.

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