WATCH: Bernie Refuses To Release His Tax Returns

  1. By Steve Straub at The Federalist Papers

Watch as Bernie Sanders, in an interview with Wolf Blitzer, awkwardly refuses to release his tax returns quickly.

Considering how much he’s been all over President Trump for not releasing his tax returns this is very hypocritical.

Watch the whole thing:

Partial transcript:

Blitzer: Let’s take a seat for a second because I have a question about transparency, senator. Will you release ten years of your tax returns as you know, Elizabeth Warren has decided to do that?

Sanders: Yes.

Blitzer: What was the delay? Why haven’t you done that so far?

Sanders: Well, you know, the delay is not — our tax returns will bore you to death. Nothing special about them. It just was a mechanical issue. We don’t have accountants at home, my wife does most of it. We’ll get that out.

Blitzer: When will we see your tax returns?

Sanders: Sooner than later.

Blitzer: What does that mean?

Sanders: Soon.

Blitzer: Are they ready to be released?

Sanders: We have to just do a few more little things, check them out, but we’re ready.

Blitzer: Why didn’t you do it the last time?

Sanders: I didn’t end up doing it because I didn’t win the nomination. If we had won the nomination, we’d have done it. I don’t want to shock you, Wolf, they’re very boring tax returns.

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