Venezuelan Immigrant Gives Dire Warning, If America Follows Dems It Will Die

By Carmine Sabia at The Federalist Papers

An immigrant for Venezuela has seen what happens when socialism takes control of a nation.

And now he wants to warn Americans of what will happen if they follow people like Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Daniel Di Martino wrote an op ed for USA Today titled “Venezuela was my home, and socialism destroyed it. Slowly, it will destroy America, too.”

Though so many of us Venezuelans fled to the USA to escape from the destructive consequences of socialism, liberal politicians like Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Rep. José Serrano, D-N.Y., have praised the same kind of policies that produced famine, mass exodus and soaring inflation in Venezuela.

Even worse, in recent weeks, Democratic Reps. Ilhan Omar, Ro Khanna and Tulsi Gabbard have mischaracterized the protests against Maduro and condemned President Donald Trump’s widely supported moves to help end Maduro’s dictatorship.

Additionally, many congressional Democrats support Medicare for All and the Green New Deal, proposals that would nationalize the health insurance industry, guarantee everyone who wants it a job and massively raise taxes, increasing government intervention in the economy like few countries except Cuba and Venezuela have seen before. Proponents think that they can give all Americans quality health care, housing and everything for free and that somehow, politicians can do a better job at running a business than the business owners themselves.

These proposals would skyrocket the budget deficit and national debt, which just reached a record $22 trillion. If that is not enough, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez endorsed paying for the proposal by asking the Federal Reserve to print money. This is exactly what produced Venezuela’s nightmare.

Even so, liberal economist Paul Krugman recently argued in a column that “whenever you see someone invoking Venezuela as a reason not to consider progressive policy ideas, you know right away that the person in question is uninformed, dishonest, or both.”

I can assure Mr. Krugman that I’m neither uninformed nor dishonest. Of course, it’s true that neither Medicare for All nor a wealth tax alone would turn the United States into Venezuela overnight. No single radical proposal would do that. However, if all or most of these measures are implemented, they could have the same catastrophic consequences for the American people that they had for Venezuela.

In his recent State of the Union address, President Trump said: “America will never be a socialist country.” I sincerely hope that the president is right, and that every American can resist the lure of false promises — so this great country can always shine above the dark cloud of socialism, and avoid Venezuela’s fate.

He appeared on CNN on Saturday to warn more Americans of the danger but CNN anchor Dave Briggs rushed to defend the socialist agenda.

“Look. There is no further proof of my argument than Bernie Sanders’ statement a few days ago,” Di Martino said.

“He refused to say that Nicolas Maduro was a dictator and refused to recognize Juan Guaido as the president of Venezuela,” he said.

“Something Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats have done. This is really dangerous. Democratic primary voters really need to push out these radical Democrats from their party because not all Democrats are that way,” Di Martino said.

“I really urge bipartisan compromise on this issue because if we continue Venezuela with socialism and produce very radical socialist policies toward the United States, the United States might get closer to what we are seeing right now in Venezuela,” he said.

That is when Briggs moved in to defend Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez proving that he did not comprehend what Di Martino said.

“Now, just to be clear, neither AOC nor Bernie Sanders is pushing for a Venezuelan style of socialism,” Briggs said.

“They want the Green New Deal and Medicaid for all but you’re saying that is perhaps a path down that road — but it’s great to have your perspective. Daniel Di Martino, thank you for your time,” he said.

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