Pelosi Gives Rambling Speech Thinking President’s Day Is To Honor Martha Washington

By Carmine Sabia at The Federalist Papers

It is time for the Democrat Party to seriously consider having House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi mentally evaluated.

When talking to reporters on Friday to denounce President Donald Trump’s national emergency for a border wall she said what could be the dumbest thing she has ever said.

She somehow believes that President’s Day is to honor President George Washington’s wife Martha.

“Good afternoon, thank you very much Mr. Mayor for your kind words of welcome, Mr. Cuellar for your kind invitation to be here and for your tremendous leadership in the Congress of the United States, Speaker Pelosi said.

“I love coming here, in this week that we observe the births of our Presidents, in particular, George [Washington] our founding father, and our founding mother, George Washington and Martha Washington,” she said.

“Since the first time I came here for this observance, I have bragged about how patriotic Laredo is – a city that is 96 percent Hispanic. That’s a source of great pride,” Pelosi said.

“But to be that proud of heritage, but deeply patriotic is an all-American ideal. And I like to tell people all around the country, you may have been to observances of Washington’s birthday or President’s day, but until you’re in Laredo, that week to see the series of events, the great emphasis that is placed on it you haven’t seen the most patriotic observances of our founding father and founding mother,” she said.

She continued to talk to the crowd but then later came back around to honoring Martha Washington whose only claim to fame is being married to President George Washington.

“We are all called Americans, North or South Americans. Let’s respect each other in that way and let’s return to what we talked about earlier, the beautiful beautiful salute to George and Martha Washington that we are observing this week,” she said.

“And, I look forward to tomorrow to engaging on the bridge with our friends from Mexico who are coming, who are meeting us half-way. And we wish to meet them half-way as well,” she said.

Who is celebrating Martha Washington? Where is this Martha Washington celebration happening? Her birthday is in June.

But an even more frightening part happened when Speaker Pelosi was stuttering and stammering as usual.

“We followed his lead on protecting the, what, butterfly…” the Speaker said as she looked for someone to help her.

“Sanctuary,” someone said to her to jog her memory of what she wanted to say.

“Sanc— sanctuary,” the Speaker said, momentarily getting back her train of thought.

“The knowledge he has of the region being a border, uh— uh, member of Congress,” Pelosi said.

She then went on to confuse billions and millions in another part of her speech.

“And what that meant was we would have, uh, hundreds of billions— excuse me, hundreds of millions of dollars,” Pelosi said.

“We had the opportunity to meet with David Higgin— Higgerson, the field dir— director of field for, uh, the, uh, CPB,” she said.

It is time for the American people to sincerely think about having a mental evaluation done of Speaker Pelosi.

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