Ocasio-Cortez Fires Back At Feinstein And Says She Is In Charge Now

By Carmine Sabia at The Federalist Papers

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez believes that she is in charge of the Democrat Party now.

In fact, it is plausible that she believes that she is in charge of the United States now.

It was Friday when Sen. Dianne Feinstein was accosted by a group of kids, organized by adults, begging for the Green new Deal.

The kids were sadly terrified of the world ending in 12 years and traumatized by the rhetoric of Ocasio-Cortez.

In response to this Charlotte Clymer wrote “It’s really this simple: if you’ve got a better than what @AOC is offering to combat climate change, please show it. If you’re a Member of Congress who can effectively address climate change better than the #GreenNewDeal, show your receipts. Make an effort.”

In response to this Ocasio-Cortez retweeted the statement and added that she and her cronies are “now in charge.”

“Yup. If you don’t like the #GreenNewDeal, then come up with your own ambitious, on-scale proposal to address the global climate crisis,” she said.

“Until then, we’re in charge – and you’re just shouting from the cheap seats,” she said.

The ego on this 29-year-old is off the charts. She truly believes that she has the power.

Her tweet did not mention Sen. Feinstein by name but it is apparent it was in response to her encounter with the kids.

A group of kids who have been terrified by New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s propaganda got a lesson in government.

The group of kids, organized by adults, approached California Sen. Dianne Feinstein and implored her to support the Green New Deal.

But the exchange did not go as they expected as the senator torched them on reality.

“We are trying to ask you to vote yes on the Green New Deal,” one of the kids said to Feinstein.

“Some scientists have said that we have 12 years to turn this around,” another terrified kid being used by adults said.

“Well it’s not going to get turned around in 10 years. What we can do is put ourselves,” Feinstein said before an adult interrupted her and insisted that she had to act now.

That is when Feinstein got testy with the group of kids telling sitting senator what to do.

“I’ve been doing this for 30 years. I know what I’m doing Feinstein said. “You come in here and you say it has to be my way or the highway. I don’t respond to that,” she said.

“I got elected. I just ran. I was elected by almost a million vote plurality and I know what I’m doing,” she said.

“So you know, maybe people should listen a little bit,” she said, realizing she was talking to adults and not the kids they were hiding behind.

And then came the most hilarious part of the exchange with the group of know-it-all kids.

“I hear what you’re saying but we’re the people who voted for you,” one of the kids said.

“You are supposed to listen to us. That’s your job,” she said.

Feinstein asked the youngster her age and found out that she was 16-years-old.

“Well you didn’t vote for me,” Feinstein said hilariously.

“It doesn’t matter. We’re the ones who are going to be impacted,” one of the kids trained in their talking points said.

Feinstein attempted to explain to one of the adults what her plans are for working on the issue but she did not want to hear it.

“Any plan that does not take bold, transformative action is not going to be what we need,” the woman said.

“Well you know better than I do,” Feinstein clapped back. “So, I think one day you should run for the Senate and then you do it your way.”

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