Jussie Smollett Guilty of Giving False Info to Cops in 2007

By Calvin Freiburger at The Federalist Papers

For the five people left in the United States that still believe Jussie Smollett was beaten by bigoted Trump supporters roaming the streets of Chicago, it turns out there’s yet another reason to be skeptical: he’s done this sort of thing before.

NBC Philadelphia reports that in 2007 the Empire actor pleaded “no contest” to driving under the influence, driving without a license…and giving false information to law enforcement:

The case is coming to light as Chicago police investigate whether Smollett made up a story about being the victim of a racially, motivated hate crime. Chicago police have requested LAPD provide them information about the 2007 arrest, according to multiple law enforcement sources familiar the investigation.

Chicago police officials say they have shifted their focus from a hate crime investigation to one of filing a false report […]

Police sources tell NBC News that the LAPD made the initial arrest. The case was handled by prosecutors with the LA City Attorney’s office in the Van Nuys branch.

The Washington Times notes that it’s unknown what exactly the “false information” concerned. Smollett was sentenced to two years’ probation in the case.

So, to recap:

  1. Smollett has a history of hating Donald Trump and smearing his voters;
  2. Police didn’t find any video footage of the attack from cameras in the area;
  3. Smollett won’t turn over the complete phone records that his manager claims show they were talking when he heard the attack;
  4. Police didn’t find any white suspects like he described but rather a pair of Nigerian brothers with ties to Empire;
  5. Police say records show the brothers bought the rope that wound up around Smollett’s neck;
  6. Police found a magazine and stamps that may have been used to make an (almost-certainly fake) letter threatening Smollett; and
  7. Smollett has lied to police before.

At this point, man-made global warming is more plausible than Jussie’s original story.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s officially past time to stop treating Jussie Smollett as a potential victim, or to indulge any of liberals’ patented “even if this example’s fake, we still need to discuss the broader issue…” bleating.

The only conversation America needs right now is how to legally punish hate hoaxers for wasting law enforcement’s time, so there’s finally some price to counter the guaranteed fame and sympathy the media will heap on every lie, no matter how much it smells like the last one.

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