Maxine Waters Recruiting Army Of Citizens To Fight Trump On National Emergency

By Carmine Sabia at The Federalist Papers

California Rep. Maxine Waters latest rant is starting to border on sedition.

The controversial representative appeared on MSNBC after President Donald Trump declared a national emergency and she was in rare form.

Waters said that she wanted citizens in every city in the nation to take to the streets against the president.

“’It’s time for everybody to stand up. All hands on deck to refuse this president these fake emergency powers that he would like the have,” she told Chris Hayes.

‘And so I’m urging everybody get together —rally in every community across this country all this weekend, send a message to Washington, D.C., ‘No, Mr. President, we’re not going allow you to do this,’’” she said.

Waters said she expects a lot of Republicans to get on board with the Democrats to fight the president.

“I really expect we’re going to have a growing number of Republicans that are going to join with us in this disapproval,” Waters said.

“Yes, they’re concerned if a Democratic president gets elected then they can use emergency powers to do a lot of the things they don’t like,” she said.

There are more than 30 national emergencies still in effect and 58 have been declared since 1979.

But somehow this one is one too many for liberals and it is likely because of the man who declared it.

Waters even took to Twitter to rally citizens to stand against President Trump.

“All Americans who respect the Constitution, get ready for the big, big fight! Trump declares FAKE emergency, stealing previously appropriated funds from DOD, Mil. Con., & Treasury. Let’s go, join me! People power can stop him!” she said.

You get the point-she got HAMMERED!

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