The Crowd EXPLODED At El Paso Rally After Trump Sent A Brutal Message To Democrats- Did You Catch It?

Chris “Badger” Thomas RIGHT WING TRIBUNE

During his Monday night rally in El Paso, Texas, President Donald Trump defended the Second Amendment by recounting the Battle of Gonzales and saying, “Come and Take It.”

He was winding toward the conclusion of his remarks when he began to speak of those things distinctly American, those things that bind together citizens across this country as well as the thousands who flooded into the building to hear Trump speak, Breitbart reports.

“We believe in religious liberty, the right to free speech, and the right to keep and bear arms.  This is the state where William Travis, James Bowie, and Davy Crockett made their last stand at the Alamo.  This is the state where a small band of patriots, at the Battle of Gonzales, armed with a single cannon, stared down a foreign, powerful army and declared, ‘Come and Take It.’  Come and Take It!”

In 1835 soldiers from General Santa Anna’s army marched into the little Texas town of Gonzales and ordered those Texans to surrender their small cannon that they relied on to protect their lives and protect their homes. The Texans refused! They were not about to give up their only means of self-defense.

In response, Santa Anna’s army returned with a large group of additional people. They had men all over the place … [but] this time they were met by dozens of Texans … who had rushed to Gonzales to defend their rights and their freedom. As Santa Anna’s men watched from a distance those brave Texans raised a flag for all to see. On the banner they painted a cannon along with four words that echoed through the ages. It said, “Come and Take It” ~ President Trump

As thunderous as this is, the Democrats are undeterred because they are currently winning the battle over the 2nd Amendment.  What they have done is move away from federal law and focused more on individual state laws.  The reason being is the President has previously stated he will never allow federal laws to dissolve the 2nd Amendment but he has no control over state laws.

Here are some examples of recent laws Dems have pushed through:

  1. Illinois Democrats are introducing a bill forcing gun buyers to reveal their public social media accounts to police before they are given permission to get a firearm license.

    The new legislation is sponsored by two state Democratic lawmakers, in an effort to block people from acquiring guns if they have made some troubling comments on social media.

  2. Washington and Oregon have been passing insane firearm laws that now push “Assault weapons” bans and bans any magazines over 10 rounds, firearms must be stored separate from ammo and must be trigger locked. “Safe Storage” and many more.  They also passed where violators can be fined and charged with felonies!
  3. California you need to pay to have a background check to even purchase ammo.  mandates a lifetime ban on the ownership of firearms for individuals if they were involuntarily admitted to a mental health facility more than once within a one-year period.
  4. Authorities can seize guns from someone determined to be a danger to themselves or others. House Bill 2354. At least seven other states passed similar so-called red flag laws this year.
  5. California and at least five other states (Washington, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois and Vermont) and the District of Columbia passed laws in 2018 that raised the minimum age from 18 years old to age 21 for the purchase of long guns.
  6. New York Bill requires anyone applying for a handgun permit or for the mandated re-certification every five years to provide the State Police with their log-in and password so troopers can search their social media accounts for the prior three years and review their Google or Yahoo search history for the prior year.

    Police would look for everything from “commonly known profane slurs or biased language” to posts “threatening … another person” to the ridiculously vague “any other issue deemed necessary by the New York state police.”

These were just a few of the examples and the Democratic party is getting bolder and more brazen about their hate for the 2nd Amendment as they continue their assault on your freedoms.  It is important to educate people on federal law vs state laws and people need to stop falling into the trap of, “it can never happen” as well as “Trump will never pass it”. The Democrats have found how to go around the President and it is working.

Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.


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