The Washington Post SLAMS… The Washington Post- SERIOUSLY

By Dean James

It turns out that many employees at The Washington Post are not happy campers due to the ultra liberal owner that spent MILLIONS OF DOLLARS on a lame Super Bowl comercial.

The employees are pissed at owner Jeff  Bezos for blowing the money on the useless 60 second ad that was narrated by actor Tom Hanks and say that the money would have been better spent hiring more reporters or improving benefits.

Bezos posted the ad on Twitter:

“Grateful for the journalists at the and around the world who do the work, no matter the risk or dangers they face.”

But like I said, several employees are pissed.

“Now unfreeze our pensions, pay an equal wage, and strengthen maternity benefits,” a writer for the paper tweeted:

Another reporter, Wesley Lowery, tweeted that he “[c]an’t lie and pretend it’s not exciting to watch us have a commercial tonight. Also really wish we provided better paid parental leave,” Fox News reported.

Still another reporter, Sarah Kaplan, tweeted that she was “really proud to work at a newspaper that does this vital work. But maybe next $10 million could go toward better health benefits, parental leave, equal pay, and more jobs for reporters?”

Post staffers’ gripes with Bezos are not new. This past June, more than 400 employees signed an open letter demanding pay raises, equal pay, better retirement benefits, a higher 401(k) match and improved severance pay.

A Post spokeswoman had no comment on the employee backlash and would not confirm how much it cost to reserve the ad time. However, reports from last week indicated that CBS was asking more than $5 million for a 30-second spot.

The Post reported that the paper purchased the ad time last week after it was made available and produced it in that time. The New York Post reported that Bezos had originally reserved the spot for his spaceflight company Blue Origin, but scrapped the ad after it was reported that his mistress — former television anchor Lauren Sanchez — had shot some footage for the commercial.

Even Donald Trump Jr weighed in on the controversy:

“You know how MSM journalists could avoid having to spend millions on a comercial to gain some undeserved credibility? How about report the news and not their leftist BS for a change.”

Adding insult to injury, the commercial — which aired during the fourth quarter of the New England Patriots’ 13-3 win over the Los Angeles Rams — was seen by the lowest Super Bowl viewing audience in a decade, according to initial overnight ratings. The game did a 44.9 overnight household rating, the lowest since 2009 when Super Bowl 43 between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals did a 42.1 overnight rating.

You have to hand it to these reporters.

They are risking their jobs by speaking out.

Bezos is a scumbag.

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