MASSIVE RECALL: Check Your Freezer NOW!

Supermarket chain Kroger is recalling some of its shrimp products after finding they may not have been fully cooked, Fox News reports.

The grocery store giant announced in a recent statement that nine of its pre-cooked shrimp products may be undercooked, “which could result in contamination by spoilage organisms or pathogens.”

Eating undercooked or raw seafood can put consumers at risk of developing a foodborne illness. In some cases, raw or undercooked seafood like shrimp may contain Salmonella bacteria, according to the Mayo Clinic. The bacteria can lead to a Salmonella infection.

The infection — which typically lasts two to seven days, according to the Mayo Clinic — can cause symptoms including vomiting, abdominal cramps, chills, fever and diarrhea.

Kroger is urging consumers who purchased one of the affected products to not eat it and return it to the store where they purchased it for a full refund.

All of the affected products were produced between Aug. 25 and 26 and have a sell by date of August 25, 2020, and August 26, 2020. They were primarily sold in stores in Michigan, Ohio, and Virginia, according to local news station ClickOnDetroit. 

To learn more about the potentially contaminated products, click here.

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