BREAKING: Gun Confiscation Laws Spreading Like Wildfire, They Can Confiscate Your Guns For NO REASON

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Prosecutors in Washington are demanding that minors be covered by the state’s “red flag” law, which allows for guns to be seized with a court order, according to a report.

State law is silent on whether a judge can issue an Extreme Risk Protection Order, or ERPO, in the case of a minor, but there is a move now to change that, KIRO-TV reports.   Police and family can apply for the order to seize the guns of persons deemed a threat to themselves or others, even if no crime was committed. The orders are temporary.

Eight states enacted red flag laws after the Parkland shooting in February. Red flag laws already existed in Washington and four other states before 2018, FOX NEWS reports.

They make it sound like this is for safety and only those they deem dangerous will have their firearms confiscated and have to do a psych evaluation and go through the court system to get their firearms back.  Think about that, at anytime someone can report you as dangerous and Law Enforcement can show up and confiscate every firearm you own and you can potentially lose your firearms forever.

In Washington, police and family members can petition the courts for an emergency 14-day order to take away a person’s guns. That can be followed with a one-year ban if the court is convinced the pattern of behavior shows the person is a risk to themselves or others.

State law is silent on whether minors can be the subject of an ERPO, but there is an effort to change that.

For the past several months, a legislative task force made up of police, mental health experts, school shooting survivors, the ACLU, and others has been meeting to develop strategies to prevent mass shootings, and it recently released a list of 25 recommendations.

The attack on the 2nd Amendment:

The King County Board of Health is requiring gun stores and shooting ranges to post warning signs regarding risks associated with firearms.

On August 7, Breitbart News reported that the warning signs were proposed by King County Council Chair Joe McDermott (D).

You said it could never happen, yet here it is, it passed unanimously.

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