Hundreds of Kavanaugh Protesters ARRESTED At Capitol, After Thousands March On Supreme Court


Now that the latest FBI report is in one would think that everyone would be satisfied with the results and the whole Kavanaugh fiasco would come to a peaceful ending. Unfortunately, the dems are still bitching and the Soros funded protesters are continuing their crap and as a result hundreds of leftist ‘protesters’ have been arrested. HELL YEAH! LOCK THEM UP! 

FOX NEWS reports thousands of liberal protesters, fired up by Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren, marched up Capitol Hill on Thursday to protest Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court and put pressure on the handful of undecided senators who will determine whether Kavanaugh gets confirmed in the coming days.

By Thursday afternoon, Capitol Police began arresting hundreds of protesters inside the Hart Senate Office Building who raised their fists and loudly started chanting “Kavanaugh has got to go.” Arrests were made after protesters began sitting down in the building’s atrium, refusing to cooperate with law enforcement.

During the rallies and marches, protesters made it clear they were mad that Kavanaugh – who has denied allegations of past sexual assault – might be confirmed as early as this week.

The resistance… what a motley crew of scumbags.

Here’s a few videos of the mayhem:

At least two Republican swing senators indicated they were satisfied with the FBI’s investigation.

Collins, who has stayed mum on her Kavanaugh stance, said Thursday that the bureau’s supplemental background probe “appears to be a very thorough investigation.”

And Flake, who originally requested the FBI re-open its investigation into the claims leveled against Kavanaugh by Ford, said no “new corroborative information came out” of the report.

The other two big undecideds are Murkowski and Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin, of West Virginia.

Murkowski said Thursday she has made “no decision” on Kavanaugh’s fate. Manchin’s stance is not yet clear.

One has to wonder how all these protesters are able to take off from work to shout, scream and act like a-holes.

Oh yeah, they’re being paid by Soros and other left-wing trash organizations.

Fricking garbage.



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