BREAKING News Out Of NORTH KOREA… This Could End ALL Peace Talks

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A hacking group linked to the North Korean regime is accused of stealing hundreds of millions of dollars by infiltrating the computer systems of banks in at least 11 countries since 2014.

A report by the American cybersecurity firm FireEye described the group — which it dubbed APT38 — as “a large, prolific operation with extensive resources” and warned that it “remains active and dangerous to financial institutions worldwide,” FOX NEWS reports.

“While APT38 is a criminal operation, it leverages the skills and technology of a state-backed espionage campaign, allowing it to infiltrate multiple banks at once and figure out how to extract funds. On average, it dwells in a bank’s computer network for 155 days to learn about its systems before it tries to steal anything. And when it finally pounces, it uses aggressive malware to wreak havoc and cover its tracks.

We see this as a consistent effort, before, during and after any diplomatic efforts by the United States and the international community.  North Korea is undeterred and we  are urging the U.S. government to provide more specific threat information to financial institutions about APT38’s modus operandi.” ~ FireEye’s head of global intelligence, Sandra Joyce

The rules of engagement in today’s threat landscape are changing rapidly and as cyber-crime evolves, there is a security gap that can be exploited. As our dependency on technology further permeates our daily habits, the threats that exploit the security gap will have graver consequences.

Every day at FireEye, we see firsthand the impact of cyber-attacks on real people. This is what inspires us to fulfill our mission to relentlessly protect our customers from the impact and consequences of cyber attacks.

APT38’s initial operations targeted banks in Asian countries — including Vietnam, Malaysia and Taiwan — where North Korea had experience in money laundering, but then expanded into such far-flung countries as Brazil, Turkey, Mexico and the United States.

FireEye has stated that North Korea attempted to steal $1.1 Billion, so far on the data collect they have stolen hundred of millions and they remain a very active and real world threat to financial intuitions.

Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.



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