BREAKING News Out Of PENNSYLVANIA… The Feds Are NOT Talking About It

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Three men were killed when a car exploded in Pennsylvania’s third largest city Saturday night, drawing a massive response from local and federal law enforcement to what was dubbed a “criminal incident.”

At a news conference Sunday afternoon, authorities repeatedly described the explosion in Allentown as an “isolated incident.” Lehigh County District Attorney Jim Martin said investigators had a “high degree of confidence that the perpetrator was probably killed,” FOX NEWS reports.

Around 9:30 pm the car bomb went off and it shook Allentown and it’s residents, the federal investigation stated that they believe it was an isolated incident and that the residents are are not in further danger.  They have not released any identities or motive for the car bomb but stated that they believe the 3 men inside the car were killed during the explosion.

The explosion reverberated beyond the block. It shook The Morning Call building, which is about a block and a half from the scene. A man said he felt the jolt half a mile away on Fourth and Gordon streets.

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Resident Carlos Perodin told The Morning Call newspaper that he was watching a movie with his wife when he heard a thunderous explosion and went to the scene.

“The fire was crazy,” Perodin told the paper. “The car was pretty much split in half.”

Another witness, Stephanie Connelly, said she saw body parts strewn across the street.

“This is real life and I’m shaking and freaking out while I’m running,” she told The Morning Call.

As far as motive, names and details go, the FBI is being ‘tight-lipped.’

The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is taking the lead on the investigation with the assistance of the FBI and local authorities. Officials have asked anyone with information about the case to call (888) ATF-BOMB (283-2662).

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