WHITE Woman Orders Pizza But Gets A Slice Of OUTRAGE After Seeing THIS Message On Receipt…


When a California woman went to pick up her pizza at a Little Caesars restaurant saw that her receipt referred to her as a “white woman,” she was outraged. That’s discrimination and she deserve’s a billion dollar settlement! Just kidding, but if it were a black person ALL HELL WOULD BREAK LOOSE! Al Sharpton would jump on (some other race-baiting trash’s) lear jet and the fricking city would be burnt to the ground! LOL!

The woman went to the Fallbrook, California fast-food pizza chain (which BTW is the absolute worst) and ordered a Hawaiian pizza and a pepperoni pizza, TMZ reported. Everything seemed fine until an employee handed over her order with an offensive bit of writing on the receipt taped on top of her pizza box.

The total amount due was correct, however at the bottom of the receipt an employee had scrawled “white woman” in blue ink! Again, if this happened to a black person Obama would be all over Twitter inviting the black person to the White House.


Lauren Briggs at Opposing Views reports:

The woman complained to the restaurant, saying that, if she were a different race, everybody would be beyond furious.

She contacted the restaurant’s corporate customer service department and demanded an apology.

The company contacted her shortly after and explained their side of the story. The representative explained that the employee used an unconventional identifier for her, without even thinking that he was writing down something that would deeply offend the recipient.

At the end of their conversation, the woman ultimately accepted the representative’s apology, acknowledging that it was simply an awkward misunderstanding. She even requested that Little Caesars not fire the worker in question.

“When we became aware of this situation we spoke to the customer and the issue was resolved to her satisfaction,” a spokeswoman for Little Caesars said, according to the Daily Mail. “She understood that while the procedure is to use a customer’s first name to identify them, the crew member, in haste, wrote the color of the shirt she was wearing, a hyphen and then her gender to identify the customer.

Oh. I call BULL S**T! NOBODY writes down the COLOR OF A SHIRT! LMAO! These liberals have the lamest lies imagineable! Just look at Obama’s lies. It’s equivalent to a kindergartner’s lies. Pathetic and so easy to see. Pizza dude wrote WHITE WOMAN because she is WHITE!

I wouldn’t even care about petty crap like this but WHITES are getting screwed nowadays here in America so why not bitch? Every other race does! Muslims, Blacks, Mexicans, Chinese (not so much I guess) and everyone else out there.

A fricking Muslim would sue the hell out of this crappy pizza joint- and WIN!

So anyways, did she get a MILLION DOLLARS for being RACIALLY profiled? HELL NO! The woman was given four large pizzas and breadsticks as an apology. LMAO!!!

(H/T Mad World News)


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