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BREAKING News From Tomi Lahren [VIDEO]


It’s obvious that the MSM hate Trump judging by the way they cover him. IT’S ALL NEGATIVE! They don’t report on his accomplishments because they just can’t get over the fact that Hillary lost the election

Tomi Lahren joined Jesse Watters on FOX News’ “Watters’ World” to react to a Media Research Center study that found the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts overwhelmingly described President Trump with negative language.

The study “looked at every broadcast evening news story about the president from January 1 through September 10,” according to the MRC.

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During the sample period, Trump was called “angry” 23 times, “furious” 17 times, “outraged” eight times, “venting” five times, “infuriated” five times and “livid” three times. The president was said to be “lashing out” a whopping 53 times, on a “tirade” eight times and was “erupting” three times during the nearly nine-month sample, according to the study.

“They’re projecting themselves upon the president,” Lahren said. “If you look at the descriptors they use for Donald Trump — ‘fuming,’ ‘outrage,’ ‘venting’ — that’s basically the Democratic Party and mainstream media all together in one package.”

She said many in the mainstream media still haven’t accepted that Donald Trump is president, and the language they use to describe the president actually reveals more about themselves.

She added that Trump’s outspoken, in-your-face style has actually been effective, and he’s been able to check off numerous campaign promises.

“Maybe his tweets work, maybe his name-calling works, maybe we didn’t elect him to be nice, maybe we elected him to get things done,” Lahren said. “And guess what? He’s doing it, which is why the mainstream media is ‘outraged,’ ‘venting’ and ‘fuming.'”

Look what Obama did-he screwed up our country and was a complete catastrophe.



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