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The U.S. on Friday called for an urgent meeting of the U.N. Security Council on the implementation of sanctions on North Korea, a day after Ambassador Nikki Haley accused Russia of meddling in an independent report on the sanctions, FOX NEWS reports.

“Given recent efforts by some Member States to undermine and obstruct North Korea sanctions implementation, the United States has called an urgent United Nations Security Council meeting for Monday at 10 a.m. to discuss the implementation and enforcement of U.N. sanctions on North Korea,” a statement from the U.S. Mission read.

“Russia can’t be allowed to edit and obstruct independent U.N. reports on North Korea sanctions just because they don’t like what they say. Period. We’ve seen the original report and we know the truth – the Panel should do the right thing and release it.” ~ Nikki Haley

A steady stream of evidence that North Korea is still making nuclear weapons has pushed his administration to take a much more aggressive stance toward Pyongyang. The newest intelligence shows Kim’s regime has escalated efforts to conceal its nuclear activity, according to three senior U.S. officials. During the three months since the historic Singapore summit and Trump’s proclamation that North Korea intends to denuclearize, North Korea has built structures to obscure the entrance to at least one warhead storage facility, according to the officials.

The U.S. has also observed North Korean workers moving warheads out of the facility, the officials said, though they would not speculate on where the warheads went.

One of the main reasons that North Korea can ignore the sanctions placed on them by the U.N. and United States, is because China and Russia continue to do business with North Korea which is a violation of the U.N. sanctions.

“Russia is acting in bad faith, and we join Ambassador Haley’s call for transparency and accountability on sanctions enforcement at the United Nations against North Korea.  We urge the Panel not to cave to Russian pressure and to release the original version of the report. Countries not applying pressure are enabling North Korea’s advancing nuclear weapons program. Without this pressure, North Korea will not denuclearize.” ~  Sens. Cory Gardner, R-Colo, and Ed Markey

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